Yog and Vyog. The complimentary form of each other. In fact, Yog is the basic way of calculation. Let me explain. In my final year project in B. Tech at IIT , Kharagpur, I was assigned to develop a software program about Conditional Sum Adder. In many ways , this Adder design was more efficient, […]

Panchlingeshwar & Thereafter

Back in October 2013, I visited Panchlingeshwar. It is in Balasore, Odhisha. Eastern coast line of India, famous as Coromandel Coast. Odhisa was not unknown to me prior to that visit. I just crossed my days of infancy, in 1991, I visited there, with my family. That time our places of visit were Puri, Konarak, […]

Sanatan, Saints & Feminism

  Monks who followed Sanatan, usually clad in Saffron called as Sadhu- Sant ,  played major role in our history time to time. Some of them take oath of celibacy at the very young age. If we go through the history of Rajputana, there we see them as Warriors. They faught for the Rajput Kings […]


When I read the novel Kapalkundala by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, I read a line ,”Bibaho Stree Loker Dhormer Prothom Shopan, Jaganmatao Shiber Bibahita” which means “Marriage is the first step of a woman towards Dharma, The Supreme Godess is also married to Shiva”. I was hardly 13 years old that time. My mother tounge is […]

In Search Of The Divine: The Beginning

I am a Hindu. By Birth, By Faith. My family never imposed it on me. As they strictly believe that faith is a very personal matter. Matter of our conscience. Although since my childhood I witnessed various Hindu festivals, but never ever in my life I felt that if I don’t perform the rituals I […]