( Zemheri Series) Solace Part 1: HOSTILITY

She was unapologetic. Silent and cold. Ertan looked at her intently. After few months of ailment , Yashar Pinar died in the prison as under-trial. It was as simple as that. He was the in-charge of security of his multi-storeyed office. If something bad happens, he was to be held liable. Accordingly Yashar Pinar was […]

ADVANI, Who Introduced Me to BJP

Ram Mandir. Another anecdote from my childhood. My maternal grandfather was posted in Muri that time, undivided Bihar. Our vacations were splendid in that Railway Colony of Muri. Situated at the threshold of Bihar and Bengal, easy access to Purulia, Jhalda, Tulin, Torang. My mother was born in the military hospital of Namkum, Bihar on […]


Yog and Vyog. The complimentary form of each other. In fact, Yog is the basic way of calculation. Let me explain. In my final year project in B. Tech at IIT , Kharagpur, I was assigned to develop a software program about Conditional Sum Adder. In many ways , this Adder design was more efficient, […]

( Zemheri Series) SOLACE PART 12: MAN BABY

Firuze looked at her husband. He was half asleep. Groaning actually. She looked around the study room. Ertan slept on the couch only. After the dinner, when Firuze decided to have a detailed chat with Berrack, Ertan went to his study room. When the wall clock showed 1 am in the morning, Firuze came back […]

Panchlingeshwar & Thereafter

Back in October 2013, I visited Panchlingeshwar. It is in Balasore, Odhisha. Eastern coast line of India, famous as Coromandel Coast. Odhisa was not unknown to me prior to that visit. I just crossed my days of infancy, in 1991, I visited there, with my family. That time our places of visit were Puri, Konarak, […]

( Zemheri Series) Solace Part 11: HUSBAND

Fighting with Ertan Demirkan in office, showing him cold shoulder was different. But now that Firuze started to live  with him under the same roof,  things started to change. Ertan almost stopped  entering into any argument with her. It was a different man from that Demirkan snotbag who chased her to the end. He was […]